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Mail collection at the market

We are please to continue the service of collecting mail to be taken to the USA by volunteers.

Since volunteers are hand carrying these, we only accept flat envelopes. Under special circumstances we may be able to accept small packages but this is completely up to the volunteer whether they have space to take them.
Mail is usually dropped into a mailbox as soon as it arrives
Please Note:

  • We accapt no responsibility for the safe or timely delivery of your mail
  • It is the sender's responsibility to ensure that the envelope is correctly addressed and that sufficient postage is used. We have US "Forever" stamps available
  • Do not use this service for time sensitive material unless you are sure there is sufficient time for it to be delivered by USPS
  • No not send valuables or cash this way
  • The volunteer taking the mail may not be leaving immediately, and may be staying a night in Panama City before leaving. Whenever possible we will tell you when they are expected to land in USA.


  • Put a US return address so that if there is a problem it should still end up with someone you know.
  • We know it can take 3 weeks from the mail being dropped into a mailbox in USA for it to reach its destination
  • Seal the envelope with adhesive tape - do not rely on the glue. (We have tape at our table)
  • We understand it is wize to put one extra stamp if the destination is Canada

Downloading postage for USA

We are investigating this

Other Destinations

We sometimes have a volunteer to take mail to Europe. If we have someone going we will publicise that on Facebook We do not have stamps for Europe but if you have some stamps of your own that is fine.

Downloading postage for UK

We are investigating this

South Africa: We are often aked about SA, but it seems there is no viable postal service there and a private courier or delivery service sould have to be used. We currently do not have the information to help with this